Social Media Coordinator

Job Description:

Do you tweet and use Facebook all day, every day? Do you take pride in customer service excellence and fancy yourself an entrepreneur? We seek a highly motivated individual with experience and fanatical passion for blogging, micro-blogging and community participation leadership. The successful candidate will join our internal marketing team and interact personally with clients. Our Social Media Coordinator will oversee and contribute recurrent content to holistically support our client’s objectives.



  • Interact with our customers to fulfil service requests
  • Be the eyes and ears of our brand and our clients as if your own reputation depended on it
  • Build and maintain our content distribution network through a variety of social media channels
  • Minute-by-minute participation in conversations that surround our content and brand, answer comments and be a mediator
  • Identify threats and opportunities in user-generated content surrounding our brand and report to appropriate parties
  • Create content for feeds and snippets on various social media platforms
  • Conduct keyword research including cataloging and indexing target keyword phrases
  • Optimize tags on sharing sites and search engines through content writing and keyword optimization
  • Tag and title content, with an understanding of the chosen word’s impact, natural search traffic and rankings via recurrent optimized content
  • Create and update daily, weekly and monthly reports
  • Analyze campaigns and translate anecdotal or qualitative data into recommendations and plans for revising the social media campaigns



  • BA or associates degree in advertising, marketing, graphics, web development, communications, English, IT or related
  • Excels at research, possesses excellent writing skills and has the ability to crank out editorial and technical content without brooding
  • Has work experience or training in advertising, PR, online marketing or similar field
  • Proficient with MS Office products
  • Demonstrates creativity and documented immersion in social media
  • Demonstrates the ability to map out a marketing strategy
  • Experience sourcing and managing content development and publishing
  • Ability to jump from the creative side of marketing to analytical side, able to demonstrate why their ideas are analytically sound
  • Discretion to identify threats and opportunities in user generated content
  • Understanding of social media platforms including; YouTube, StumbleUpon, Digg, PunkNews, Reddit, Flickr, Forums, Twitter, blogs, etc
  • Knowledge of search engine optimization - basic keyword research skill a must. We name and tag our posts based on research
  • Has excellent verbal and written communication skills, and the ability to work individually on a project or in a team environment
  • Eager to meet and exceed objectives and take on more responsibility
  • Brings to the position outstanding organizational skills and the ability to handle multiple projects simultaneously while meeting deadlines
  • Ability to communicate results to management in a fast paced environment

Please, no out-of-state applications. We are looking for belly to belly.

Looking for fulltime, part time and interns.